Media Coverage

EWTN’s Registar Radio Interview!

When I was visiting D.C. in June, I stopped by the EWTN office and did an in-studio interview all about my conversion and how the past few months have been since announcing my conversion.

Catholic Herald: Cover Story! 

I was out of the country in Cabo with my best friend without internet for a few days and right when I get back to the U.S and get off the airplane and check twitter, people were sending this to me… I was SO shocked!!

Al Kresta Radio Interview!  (My FIRST Interview)

Soon after coming out online about my conversion, I was on Al Kresta radio talking in-depth about my conversion and what led me to start researching into Catholicism and the Early Church, years before I started talking about it on my YouTube channel!  He also asked me so in-depth about how I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and how that affects my life.

The Patrick Coffin Show

Video Interview I did via. Skype right after I came out about my conversion!!  We talked in-depth about my experience with Bipolar Disorder and the reasons I’m becoming Catholic!

Written Q&A on my Journey Coming Home to Catholicism!

My FAVORITE interview I’ve done!  I discussed my conversion, relativism in our culture, why I began to believe in Real Presence and accept Marian Dogmas.  I wrote this out weeks before I was confirmed, when I was the most passionate & excited about being Catholic.

5 Myths Protestants Believe About Catholicism: Song on Fire!

Video interview I did via. skype with Joseph Dinesh from Song on Fire in April!  We talked for almost an hour in-depth about my conversions, misconceptions about the Catholic Church and the theological reasons why I became Catholic!

That Catholic Couple YouTube Channel

The livestream I did with That Catholic Couple in March!  We discussed every part of my conversion, how when I was in college there was a trend in the Philosophy Department of people becoming Catholic!

The Coaster Podcast!  

In March I did a casual, fun interview on this Canadian Catholic podcast called The Coaster!  We talked in-depth about why I came home to the Catholic Church, how my theology developed and in-depth of why my public high school and churches growing up made me hate Catholicism.

Relevant Radio: The Drew Mariani Show!

In March, I was interviewed on Relevant Radio about Catholicism and my YouTube channel and was surprised by Stephen Ray coming on & getting to meet him and thank him over the radio!

Church Pop “Major Protestant YouTube Star Announces She’s Converting to Catholicism”

The article posted to EWTN’s facebook page that gave me SO much exposure that I cried from being so overwhelmed by everyone.  Church Pop is a EWTN affiliate and has been so amazing and nice promoting my videos and content!