Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Hi, I'm Lizzie!  I worship God, am addicted to editing videos and zebra print makes me really happy!!  I created my YouTube channel LizziesAnswers when I was 15.  Now I'm 22 and a graduate of Pepperdine University!  While I was a student there, I studied Philosophy & Religion, while spending my summers in Thailand teaching English with the Bible.  Over the past four years, I've posted over 300 videos and gained a following of 170,000+ subscribers.  I ADORE the filming and editing process of YouTube & I LOVE responding to your messages and getting to encourage you.  THANK YOU SOOOO much for being a part of my YouTube family!  Your stories have opened my eyes to the brokenness and beauty in people, and your comments are so encouraging and through my depression have helped to remind me who I am.  Thank you for teaching me about the world and helping me discover more of who I want to be and how I want to live my life.  I love you!  


Full name:  Lizzie Estella Reezay

How old are you?  22!  My birthday is July 22nd 

Myers-Briggs? ESTJ

Height: 5'7'' 

Languages: Spanish. Koine Greek. Thai. (NOT AT ALL FLUENT.  Just basic conversational!  And Greek I do not speak just read haha)  

Dream Job: Being a Writer or Missionary 

Favorite colors:  Zebra print.  Hot pink.  Vivid sky blue. 

Hometown: I grew up in so many different places, so nowhere is really my "home."  Right now, the places that feel like home are Pepperdine, RCC (the Christian Center I spend my summers at) in Thailand, and my family's place in Florida.


Describe your personality: I made a list of 13 things about my personality because I LOVE making lists with 13!!  13 isn't even my lucky number; it's just something that started with a video I made in 2009 haha!   

  1. I'm passionate about a ton of things & I hate apathy. 
  1. I have extreme emotions.  I'm either really really excited, sooooooo happy, overwhelmed by peace, or crying.  I like speaking hyperbolically, but that's because I actually experience emotions really intensely in this encompassing way.  Empathy is huge for me.  The best way I can describe it is that I feel other's emotions.  I will cry when someone explains to me how they're hurting or feel really happy when something amazing is going on in their life.  It often feels like I'm vicariously living through everyone else's emotions.  Recently I've learned that all of this is because I'm Bipolar.
  1. I'm very intellectual.  I love to analyze (and overanalyze) anything and everything.  I've been intensely curious since I was a little girl, so I'm always asking questions and every day I try to figure out more of the world around me.  My go-to is researching everything, because knowledge & information is like energy to me.  I've LOVED school since kindergarten!  It makes me happy reading textbooks and writing papers and being in class and debating ideas and becoming more open-minded.  
  1. I'm very direct.  Sometimes communicating with people stresses me out, because I value efficiency over people's feelings.  It is completely counterintuitive for me to sugar-coat things and I don't fully understand the concept of hurting someone's feelings just by saying something.  I usually get hurt by people because of their actions, not their words.  
  1. I have very high expectations.  Of myself.  Of others.  Of the world.  When I perceive something as unjust, I intervene to change it.  I have this mission impossible attitude about life, so I don't get intimidated by challenges.  
  1.  I go through life having opinions on everything and expressing them.  Sometimes this means I can be extremely critical and somewhat of a perfectionist, but I'm also verbally affirming about everything I love.  Basically, people can trust that whatever I say is legit how I feel.   
  1. Everything is black and white to me and I have to have an opinion on everything.  I hate ambiguity.  I'm much more comfortable with tons of details and I prefer when things are verbally defined in detail out loud.  
  1. I love arguing.  I don't mean emotional arguing, but rather, using logic to find truth.  Debate was basically my life in high school and I was a Philosophy major in college.  A lot of times when someone is talking to me, I'm converting what they're saying into a logic proof in my mind & then thinking "oh! that's fill in the blank fallacy."  I think I come across as stubborn, but I really just want people to give me evidence to prove their ideas and to work to persuade me.  It makes me SOOOO HAPPY when I meet someone who will actually debate me and isn't afraid to disagree with my viewpoints and tell me why I'm wrong and what I need to change!
  1. I was born to be efficient. I love planning, organizing, being the leader, and getting stuff done.  I've been involved in a ton of extracurriculars since I was 11 and have always been over-involved.  On the outside it seems like I am balancing everything & have my life together, but I cry so much and often feel stressed that there isn't enough of me to go around, that if there were 5 or me or if I never had to sleep, I could help so many more people, accomplish so much more of what I want to create.
  1. I'm utopian-thinking, an optimist, and have an artist's mind.  
  1. I'm never bored.  Sometimes it stresses me out when people have down time and complain about being bored, because if there were 3 of me I would still  have a ton of stuff on my to-do list.  If the time turners in Harry Potter hadn't been destroyed in Book 5, I would own one & use it ALL THE TIME.  
  1. Dozens of things make me incredibly happy!  I made a video a couple years ago on my why I'm able to be so happy almost always!
  1. I aspire to be a Philosopher Queen.  Legit though!  I've been developing this master plan for a utopia city in my mind for years.  No, I'm not socialist.  I just loveeeeee justice.  And make believe.  My favorite genre of literature is dystopian and I'm fascinated with the idea of being able to create the perfect society.  Plato's Republic is one of the best books I've ever read and it explains this so well. Some of my best friends I met at Pepperdine were international students from Singapore and their government is an ethical, just totalitarianism and since high school I've been SO attracted to more socialist governments. So basically, I'm really looking forward to Heaven!!     


Who are you, off-line??   In real life I go by Liz and am equally happy and zebra-print obsessed.  I'm more intellectual than most of you realize.  I've always LOVED studying and classes and going to school.  And I need philosophizing in my life.  I am super passionate about Koine Greek (the original language of the New Testament).  I learned it my freshman & sophomore year at Pepperdine, so now I can read the Bible in Greek!  I'm also an aspiring writer.  My macbook's full of backbones for novels, random short stories, poems, etc. and in the future I for sure want to publish!  Right now I'm writing a memoir about bipolar disorder.  And it'll be finished soon!  I'm so excited!


Spreading the Gospel MAKES ME HAPPY & I've spent the past three summer teaching English in Thailand through Let's Start Talking.  In 2017, I'll be moving to Thailand for a few years to teach English with the Bible and I could be happy being a missionary long-term.  Since high school I've felt this urgency to get the Gospel to unreached parts of the world.  If not that I can see myself being an attorney, working for a non-profit, doing full-time writing, being a Professor, or doing something video production related.  I also (of course!!) want to be a wife and a mom! 


What would we be surprised to know about you?  I grew up without TV or internet.  When I was 13 my family finally got internet in our home and that's when I started watching YouTube!  When I was in high school, I started watching a couple TV shows and sometimes I still do, but its not at all a habit.  


What can you not live without?  Music.  I'm constantly downloading new songs through iTunes and most free moments I'm listening to music or dancing to it or both!  I need music in my life to stay emotionally & mentally healthy!!  It helps me process my life and feel peaceful.    


What type of Christian are you?  I am non-denominational & protestant!  I grew up in Church of Church and attended University Church in Malibu, CA when I was at college and Watcharapon Church of Christ the summers I was in Thailand.  I'm moving to Thailand this summer to work with that same church at their campus ministry center.

What are your theological views? I have tons of theological views (there's a word document on my mac that has my viewpoints with scriptural evidence written out for every theological issue I can think of) but I don't plan on ever sharing them publicly.  One of the major themes I find when reading through the New Testament is unity.  One of my favorite parts of the Bible is John 13-17; and in a prayer in Chapter 17 Jesus specifically prays for the unity of the future Church.  It is beautiful, but tragic seeing as what we've become: fractured, with tens of thousands of denominations, some claiming the others aren't "true Christians" and won't be in Heaven.  Looking at the history of Christianity, the declaration of strong theological stances has created disunity and judgment, hate and war.  In a video or blog format where the conversation is one-sided, I foresee a theology discussion coming across as prideful and judgmental.  That wouldn't be emulating love.  It wouldn't be unity.  Whatever type of Christian you are, I believe you and I love you and I'm your sister in Christ!  I am anticipating worshipping God in all of His Glory with you in Heaven!    


Life Philosophy:  I believe life is all about falling in love with as many activities and art forms and passions and personalities and dimensions of God as possible.  One of my favorite Bible verses is Colossians 3:23, "Whatever you do, work at everything with all your heart as working for the Lord not for men."  The same theme is in Ecclesiastes 9:10, "Whatever your hands find to do, do it with all your strength."  Live passionately!

Lacking passion and love: Apathy.  I view apathy as the greatest sin.  When we stop caring extravagantly about friends and family and strangers and immigrants and people suffering, we contribute to the world spiritually deteriorating.  Compassion toward people who culture tells us to ignore or people who we'll never meet or those who are threatening us is not an intuitive reaction.  That's why we need God.  He changes us.  

Augustine thought of evil not as an actual substance or concept or set of actions, but rather as a deterioration of the good.  Our culture engrains in us this connotation of good being boring and nothingness, but I think of good as having dimension and colors and encompassing passion.  Being a Christian is not about avoiding sin, its about seeking to know more of God and going out of your way to love other people.  My pastor from college Rich Little describes it as God using us to breathe life into people by resurrecting the dark and broken parts of their lives.     


Can I send you mail? Not anymore!  I was so encouraged by all the letters and gifts and art that you sent to me while I was a student at Pepperdine.  Now I've graduated and I currently do not have a P.O. Box and do not plan on getting one.  I'm SORRY.

How can I virtually contact you?  You can message me on my facebook page or tweet me@lizziereezay & also a lot of people email me with questions and I do respond:

Business Inquiries:  I'm very selective with promoting products, but email me and I'll get back to you!  If you're a YouTuber who covers similar topics in your videos and wants to collab with me, that would be so fun!  You can email me too 🙂