Craving (A Poem)


Why does art come easiest
When we're fallen
cut open
can't breathe
Trances of words flowing
into arrangements
only when
life is wrong
Why does confusion
and chaos feel
more comfortable
more conducive
to creating
than calm
Why do we crave
drama and emotion
more than sameness
simplicity, someone stable
When life is arranged
we don't feel drawn to capture
engrain into our minds
hold onto wholeness
being loved held
But we're
dreaming up these facets
of spelling out brokennes
because we need
a release
something solid
these words and letters
rhythms make us
feel surrounded
and understood
Held up
Contradictions flowing out of me
into something cohesive
and complete
because I
something to touch
and read
when everything
within me
is numbing
itself away
from being
Why do we let
flow through our minds
into a new day
a new moment
when we should
pull it closer
so we can't breathe
within being this
amount of taken care of
Being complete
is intangible
even more than
Feeling understood
being wanted
seeing good
and pureness
in someone
should make us cry
be even more confused
and can't breathe
than feeling lost, broken
But we forget
take for granted
don't realize beauty
among us
within us
God in the face of every person
every day a miracle
contained within
the lives
of everyone
we pass by
In our thoughts
we get to ruminate
on anything
I want to choose
more of laughter
someone I'm thankful for
because facets
of beauty, creativity
are within every
moment of everyone's

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